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Here is the quick reference Price Guide for Beastformers, Battle Beasts and Laser Beasts. Prices are based on the average of all US and European reported sales (any condition), whether via eBay or private sale. Click a picture to get more in-depth information on it, including a complete pricing breakdown.

No. 001
Avg Price: $ 7

Name: Pirate Lion

No. 002a
Avg Price: $ 6

Name: Deer Stalker

No. 002b
Avg Price: $ 4

Name: Deer Stalker (Olive Armor)

No. 003a
Avg Price: $ 4

Name: Ferocious Tiger

No. 003b
Avg Price: $ 4

Name: Ferocious Tiger (Lt. Brown Armor)

No. 004a
Avg Price: $ 5

Name: Colonel Bird

No. 004b
Avg Price: $ 4

Name: Colonel Bird (Blugreen Armor)

No. 005a
Avg Price: $ 4

Name: Killer Carp

No. 005b
Avg Price: $ 6

Name: Killer Carp (Lt. Magenta Armor)

No. 006
Avg Price: $ 5

Name: Triple Threat Snake

No. 007
Avg Price: $ 5

Name: Horny Toad

No. 008
Avg Price: $ 5

Name: Sledgehammer Elephant

No. 009
Avg Price: $ 4

Name: Rocky Rhino

No. 010
Avg Price: $ 4

Name: Roaming Buffalo

No. 011a
Avg Price: $ 4

Name: Grizzly Bear

No. 011b
Avg Price: $ 2

Name: Grizzly Bear (Factory Error/Unpainted Yellow Box)

No. 012
Avg Price: $ 5

Name: Blitzkreig Bat

No. 013a
Avg Price: $ 5

Name: Gargantuan Gorilla

No. 013b
Avg Price: $ 16

Name: Gargantuan Gorilla (Orange Armor)

No. 013c
Avg Price: $ N/A

Name: Gargantuan Gorilla (Black Face Factory Error)

No. 014
Avg Price: $ 5

Name: Swiney Boar

No. 015
Avg Price: $ 5

Name: Gruesome Gator

No. 016
Avg Price: $ 5

Name: Sly Fox

No. 017a
Avg Price: $ 5

Name: Hardtop Tortoise

No. 017b
Avg Price: $ 10

Name: Hardtop Tortoise (Orange Plastic Armor)

No. 017c
Avg Price: $ 6

Name: Hardtop Tortoise (Half Shell Version)

No. 018
Avg Price: $ 6

Name: Rubberneck Giraffe

No. 019a
Avg Price: $ 6

Name: Prickly Porcupine

No. 019b
Avg Price: $ 6

Name: Prickly Porcupine (Dk. Mustard Armor)

No. 020a
Avg Price: $ 8

Name: Sawtooth Shark

No. 020b
Avg Price: $ 7

Name: Sawtooth Shark (Dk. Blue Armor / Dk. Red Rub Box)

No. 021
Avg Price: $ 6

Name: Danger Dog

No. 022a
Avg Price: $ 7

Name: Hare Raising Rabbit

No. 022b
Avg Price: $ 12

Name: Hare Raising Rabbit (Shorty Variant)

No. 023
Avg Price: $ 4

Name: Sir Sire Horse

No. 024a
Avg Price: $ 5

Name: War Weasel

No. 024b
Avg Price: $ 7

Name: War Weasel (Dk. Blue Armor / Pink Skin)

No. 025a
Avg Price: $ 4

Name: Bloodthirsty Bison

No. 025b
Avg Price: $ 7

Name: Bloodthirsty Bison (Lt. Lavender Armor)

No. 025c
Avg Price: $ 8

Name: Bloodthirsty Bison (Blueviolet Armor)

No. 026a
Avg Price: $ 5

Name: Bighorn Sheep

No. 026b
Avg Price: $ 5

Name: Bighorn Sheep (Lt. Blue Skin)

No. 027a
Avg Price: $ 5

Name: Web Slinging Spider

No. 027b
Avg Price: $ 5

Name: Web Slinging Spider (Lt. Lavendar Armor)

No. 028a
Avg Price: $ 5

Name: Crusty Crab

No. 028b
Avg Price: $ 8

Name: Crusty Crab (Pink Skin)